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Parent Partner  – supporting parents all over London.

We are a London based company, run by Michelle Eshkeri. Parent Partner specialises in bespoke, parent-centred antenatal education and support, offering  NCT group courses and private 1-2-1 consultations. We also run open baby/child first aid sessions in Cockfosters and in clients’ homes around North London and Hertfordshire.

Babysitting and Mothers help in Barnet

What we believe

At Parent Partner, we treat each and every client individually. No “one size fits all” here. Therefore, our services are tailored closely to meet the needs of each client. We continuously monitor and evaluate to improve quality and accessibility by seeking honest client feedback. We look for ways to include client suggestions where appropriate. Finally, to better support all our clients, we have a range of options for to suit all budgets.

What we do

We provide non-biased, evidence-based information in our antenatal classes. We never, ever, tell our clients what they should do. Additionally, we provide balanced information about all the options and leave the decision making to our clients.

Parent Partner also offers a birth doula service, providing emotional and practical support during and immediately after birth for the labouring woman and her supporter.

We are also able to help you with parenting in the early days, weeks and months including support for sleeping, feeding, introducing solids, managing sibling rivalry and much more.

We run parent/carer baby/child first aid sessions from our venue in Cockfosters or we can do private group sessions throughout London.

Our credientials

All courses and sessions are facilitated by Michelle Eshkeri, DipHE Antenatal Education and QNUK First Aid Trainer/Assessor.

FEDANT Registration Number : 12472

To find out more about how Parent Partner could help you, your family or employees to navigate the journey to parenthood, call Michelle on 07789 928530 or complete our contact form.

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