Antenatal Classes in Cockfosters

Antenatal Classes in Cockfosters, Barnet and Enfield

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Finding great antenatal classes in Cockfosters, Barnet or Enfield is simple.

Look no further.

I am an NCT trained antenatal teacher with many years’ experience. I’ve helped well over a thousand new parents transition to parenthood and welcomed almost 600 babies into the world.

Antenatal classes, whether NCT classes, NHS classes or through private antenatal teachers are vitally important for ensuring that new parents fully understand their options and rights during labour, birth and early parenting.

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What will I learn in my Cockfosters antenatal course?

Loads, actually.

  • Labour options, birth environment, hormones, pain relief, caesarean, induction, birth recovery
  • Feeding, sleeping, how life changes, baby health, baby cues & communication, baby first aid, practical baby care

and loads more…

Click here for a standard course plan.

Your antenatal course will be similar to an NCT antenatal course. I have been running NCT antenatal courses in Cockfosters, Barnet and Enfield for the past 7 years. My courses get great feedback.

Here’s some recent testimoniald from January 2020.

“Covers all aspects of birth and parenting that you could think of. It was a very open environment to ask questions and covered all the options open to us”

“It’s a great opportunity to meet other new parents and ask all those questions you think are silly”

“Lovely way of learning and preparing and meeting new parents locally. Thank you”

What are the benefits of attending antenatal classes?

  1. Understand how labour and birth works and how to have a straightforward birth
  2. Understand your options and how to work with caregivers to get the experience you want
  3. Gain knowledge and confidence for your parenting journey
  4. Get evidence based information for your decision making during birth and early parenting
  5. Meet other local expectant parents for support before and after the birth
  6. Know where to get professional support postnatally

Why is this antenatal class the right one for me?

  1. Highly trained antenatal teacher (2 year university diploma in antenatal education)
  2. Local private comfortable venue
  3. Bonus class – baby and child first aid included (usually costs £27.50 per person)
  4. Free baby goody bag worth at least £25
  5. Great value for money
  6. Small class size – only 6 couples

To find out more about this antenatal class, email or call me on 07789 928530 or book now to grab your space.

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