Antenatal Classes Online – Fully Interactive

Getting antenatal classes online instead of face-to-face

Pregnant woman accessing antenatal classes online


So, you’re pregnant and perhaps you are wondering how on earth you can get your antenatal classes now that we are beginning to do social distancing?

There’s a way and it will be just as helpful as the face-to-face session that you can get from the NHS, NCT or private providers. Go to online antenatal classes from the comfort of your couch.

What is the online antenatal course like?

This fully interactive course is 6 weeks of 1.5hr sessions using Zoom.

Each week, you’ll take part in whole group and small group discussion, receive information and engage in activities to support your learning.

To see the course plan, download it here.

To support this course, you will have access to a large online resources hub and a course What’s App group for socialising, discussion and questions.

If social distancing is still with us after you’ve had your baby, then we can even arrange an online postnatal session.

Why should I choose an online class?

  • Right now, its tricky for groups to be face to face
  • Online antenatal courses protect you, your partner and your baby as well as the other participants
  • As this is interactive, you still get the experience of bonding with others having a baby at the same time as you
  • The sessions are recorded so that if you miss one, you can catch up later
  • You will learn about your choices in labour and how to parent your child so you don’t feel completely overwhelmed
  • You receive support through a tricky time and you don’t feel lonely or isolated

Who is running this online antenatal education?

Hi, I’m Michelle Eshkeri, a mum of 2, an antenatal educator, baby first aid trainer and a writer.

I hold a Higher Education diploma in Antenatal Education, as well as qualifications in Teaching & Learning.

How do I sign up for the online antenatal class?

Reserve your place at an online course appropriate to your due date

What if I want more information?

Email me at or call me on 07789 928530