Sleep A-Z for babies – tips and tricks to try

Sleep: the things parents do to get baby to sleep

Sleep is necessary for basic health; without it our bodies cannot repair and our minds deteriorate pretty rapidly. A young baby affects your sleep in ways it is hard to imagine if you have never looked after a tiny one.

Parents will resort to some strange practices, all in the name of getting the baby to sleep. Here’s my A-Z of usual and slightly unusual techniques for baby sleep. How many have you tried?

Avoid eye contact

Breastfeeding until your nipple drops off

Cuddling to sleep/co-sleeping

Driving up and down the motorway at 3am in the morning

Extra food just before bed – dreamfeed or a light snack

Fresh air during the day to promote good rest

Good sleep environment

Hoovering/Hair dryer

Interactions are kept to a minimum during night hours

Jiggling – that’s small up and down movements which mirror the way the baby moved in the womb

Keep calm yourself – any stress you feel can transfer to the baby, making it harder for them to settle

Lighting – keep the room very dark or introduce melatonin inducing red/orange nightlight

Music to calm them

Newest sleeping gizmos, such as Sleepyhead, Cocoonababy, Ewan the Dream Sheep, Gro Swaddle Blanket to name just a few

Optimum bedtime for your little one – adjust this frequently as they get older

Patting the baby’s bottom

Quiet – too much noise can disturb some older babies

Rocking until your arm drops off


Transitional object (comforter)

Understanding early sleep cues and acting on them

Vocal cues – tell your baby everything is fine, perhaps sing to him/her

Washing machine on; baby in bouncer next to it

Xxxx – lots of love and kisses to make the baby feel secure

You Tube for white noise and/or lullabies

Zzzz – you are so tired you simply can’t stay awake any longer regardless of what your baby does

What tricks did you use that worked well?

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