De-schooling : 3 months in

My son has been out of school for 3 months now.

10 things I have noticed so far:

1) He doesn’t rant and rage every morning any more. In fact, he doesn’t see much of the morning some days because he is catching up on lost sleep.

2) He needs a period of time to adjust to his new world – in other words, we definitely need to be de-schooling.

3) He is generally calmer and has engaged in and initiated learning opportunities.

4) He understands that he will do a certain amount of structured work when it comes to preparing for exams.

5) Most people we have discussed home education with have been generally supportive (well, to our faces anyway) but few understand what de-schooling is or how it is necessary.

6) Some people will not be swayed in their views even by hard evidence to the contrary.

7) Home education is fun and there are masses of opportunities for learning everywhere.

8) We are following a pretty unstructured approach right now because we need time to figure out what works best for us

9) Home education groups locally to us (North London) have been incredibly welcoming to us so far – thank you.

10) My son is happy and that’s what matters most.