First Aid in London – short courses

First aid in London

First aid in London to suit a variety of needs.

Parent Partner runs a variety of courses in North London and surrounding areas. We focus on short courses for parents/carers and small to medium sized businesses.

Our current selection is:

Baby and Child First Aid

  • 2.5hr or 3hr open courses in our Cockfosters location for parents/carers
  • Private group courses at your North/Central/East London venue (for a minimum of 6 people)
  • Talks and demos for community groups & schools

For the workplace (suitable for self-employed or small/medium sized businesses)

  • Adult Basic Life Support – 3 hr course leading to certificate valid for 3 years
  • Flash First aid – 1.5hr course (non certified) for small businesses dealing with the general public

Find out why first aid is important

How to stop my child choking

Dealing with a choking baby or child One of the scariest things about becoming a parent (apart from the moment the pregnancy test turns positive!) is having to deal with a baby or child that is choking. The child may be panicking and that makes you panic. Keep a clear …

Christmas calamities

First aid at Christmas The holiday period brings great fun for many, especially children who can be very excitable at this time of year. Unfortunately there are also a wide range of hazards which can cause accidents and first aid issues. In this blog we explore a few of the …

Recognising the signs of meningitis in your baby or child

Meningitis Awareness Did you know… That the under 5’s are the most at risk group? That there are around 40 different bacteria, viruses and fungus that could cause meningitis? That meningitis is airborne and spread by very close contact? That 3 people in every 100,000 will get meningitis each year? …

Baby/Child First Aid

Baby/Child First Aid session – essential parenting skills. Baby/Child First Aid sessions  (for babies up to 1) and children (1-12 years) now taking place in small groups in Cockfosters. From £30 per person. Learn how to save a life for less than small bag of groceries. Alternatively, why not host …

First aid sessions – can you afford not to learn?

Shortly after my first son was born, I attended a baby/child first aid course run by St.John’s Ambulance. I was petrified that if some emergency arose with his health that I wouldn’t know how to help him. So I learned how to do resuscitation, deal with choking, head injuries, bleeds …