First aid – what do you know?

First aid saves lives

But would you really know what to do in an emergency situation? Take our first aid quiz and find out.

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London baby first aid
Baby first aid classes in London

Don’t be left wishing you had known what to do.

What would you do in the following situations:

  1. Your child has banged their head. No loss of consciousness
    1. stop them from sleeping
    2. allow them to sleep as long as they need to
    3. allow them to sleep but check you can rouse them frequently
  2. Your 9 month old child has pulled over a hot cup of tea onto their hand. It is very red and you can see blisters forming
    1. run it under cool water for 10 minutes
    2. run it under cool water for 20 minutes
    3. call 999 and run it under cool water until the ambulance arrives
  3. Fluid leaking from the ears or nose is a sign of
    1. concussion
    2. skull fracture
    3. cerebral compression
  4. You should pull out the stinger from a bee or wasp using tweezers
    1. yes
    2. no
  5. Your 2 year old has eaten a dishwasher tablet.
    1. induce vomiting and dial 999
    2. make your child drink milk
    3. give sips of water
    4. give sips of water and dial 999
  6. If the person suffering from asthma is not improving with their inhaler, you should
    1. encourage another puff on the inhaler
    2. give maximum puffs on the inhaler and dial 999
    3. have them breathe into a paper bag
  7. Seizure in children only occurs with convulsions (shaking)
    1. true
    2. false

So how did you get on?

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  1. C – allow them to sleep but check you can rouse them frequently.  A child that has banged their head needs to rest. Check frequently that they can respond normally to you.
  2. C – call 999 and run it under cool water until the ambulance arrives. Hands are extremely important and the child is young – this could do significant damage, so get help fast.
  3. A – skull fracture. Dial 999 if you see straw coloured fluid leaking from ears or nose.
  4. B – no, because using tweezers squeezes more poison into the wound. Scrape out with fingernail or a credit card.
  5. D – dilute the chemical with sips of water and dial 999 for medical help immediately. Never induce vomiting as this can burn the throat more.
  6. B – give them more puffs on their inhaler up to their maximum dose and call help
  7. B – no, it is possible for children to suffer from absence seizures which looks a bit like daydreaming. A child will be unable to respond to you during the seizure.

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