Labour pain relief – F is for familiar environment

Labour pain may be eased by a familiar environment

Women need to feel safe and comfortable for labour to begin spontaneously and progress without issues. A familiar environment will help women to remain calm, enabling oxytocin to flow and labour pain to be reduced.

Adrenaline is released when women feel stressed and anxious and this can cause labour pains to feel more uncomfortable. A relaxed and familiar environment can reduce fear and act as a natural pain management method.

Staying at home in early labour is recommended by many caregivers to help women relax and allow oxytocin to build up the contractions. The act of getting to hospital and of being in an unfamiliar, clinical environment can cause women to feel tense, which can make labour pain feel worse.

At home, build yourself a “nest” to help you cope with labour pain. Keep your room darkened and find ways to make the area comfortable, such as a birth ball, duvet, hot water bottle, water spray and maybe distraction such as TV or music.