NCT antenatal classes – the gold standard in the UK

What’s the deal with NCT antenatal classes?

If you are trying to find out what NCT antenatal classes might be like, it can be difficult to get reliable information. Many people believe NCT to be something it is not.

So let’s correct some misconceptions about the UK’s largest parenting charity:

  • NCT stands for National Childbirth Trust – not Natural Childbirth Trust (although that’s how it started)
  • Our classes provide non-judgmental, evidence-based information to enable clients to make informed decisions about their labour, birth and early parenting experiences
    • NCT practitioners DO NOT seek to persuade clients to have no pain relief in labour or to go against healthcare professionals’ medical opinions, to refuse Cesaereans or that they must breastfeed at all costs.
    • We provide holistic information about ALL choices available to clients. This helps them to sift through the mountain of information to find good quality evidence for their decision making.
  • NCT runs not only antenatal courses, but also provides
    • evidence-based breastfeeding education
    • a helpline for all parenting questions, particularly infant feeding support
    • a birth doula service
    • waterbirth workshops
    • courses especially for parents having a multiple birth
    • postnatal courses for the early weeks of parenting
    • introducing solids to your baby workshops
    • baby massage
    • yoga for pregnancy
    • mother and baby yoga
    • local branches providing support groups
    • bumps and babies groups
    • nearly new sales selling good quality baby equipment/clothing
    • national campaigns for improvements in maternity care

Let’s find out a bit more from one of our great antenatal teachers, Anna Dawson-Jones

But what do parents themselves say?

So, what are some of the advantages of the NCT over other providers?

  1. NCT course facilitators are the most highly trained antenatal educators in the UK. Incredibly, some of our competitors train their course leaders in as little as 3 days!
  2. All teachers have been through a rigorous university course lasting 2 years. This means that we hold a higher education diploma in Antenatal Education. We are assessed regularly to unsure high standards of facilitation are maintained.
  3. Most importantly, we use evidence based information rather than practitioner based opinion on labour, birth and parenting
  4. Small groups enabling clients to engage in discussions and learning in a friendly, relaxed environment where all questions are welcomed
  5. Local postnatal support to help you after the birth : local breastfeeding support and parent & baby groups.

If you still need convincing, here’s what my latest clients said about their course…

“Really helpful course, lots of info laying out all options and great to get to know others”

“It’s helpful to have an impartial person to ask lots of “silly” questions to. The course facilitator is very knowledgeable about all aspects of labour and parenting”

“It was informative, enjoyable, had a lovely atmosphere and we met some lovely people. We would definitely recommend”

“Great course content, respecting individual intuition and choice – wonderful course leader”

“I have already recommended the course to a friend, who has signed up”

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To find out more about NCT antenatal classes, pop over to the NCT website.

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