Online, Fully Interactive Antenatal Classes

If your NHS antenatal class has been cancelled and other providers courses are full, I am running online, interactive courses.

The course consists of 6 x 1.5 hour sessions online in a group Zoom call starting at 7.30pm with additional support provided via an online resource hub and course What’s App group.

Your initial class is a free of charge taster of the full course. I hope you will find it useful and want to do the rest of the course.

The sessions will be a mixture of information sharing, whole group discussion, small group work and work in couples.

All the content is evidence based and will take you from late pregnancy through to 6 months post birth with common topics of interest to parents.

Download the course outline here


Forget traipsing to a drafty church hall – learn and meet others from the comfort of your couch. Courses will be recorded so you can catch up if you can’t make one or you can watch again if you need to return to a particular topic.

Course participants are allocated to a course based on due date and postcode so you can meet other parents living near to you for face-to-face socialising after the birth.

You wouldn’t learn how to drive without taking some lessons – why would you become a parent without doing an antenatal parenting course?

The average number of hours for learning to drive is 45 and at an average cost of £20, that’s £900 per person.

This course for learning about parenting is just £108 for 2 people (pregnant woman and birth partner). That’s just 6% of the cost of learning to drive.

Why wouldn’t you?

Email me at or call 07789 928530 for more information

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