Parenting Tips – Talks and Workshops

Parenting Tips - talks and workshops

Our work in the community offering parenting tips

We  offer parenting tips, talks and workshops on the following subjects:

  • Preparing for your birth – optimising the environment, self-help skills for birth, role of the birth partner
  • Parenting for first timers – managing expectations of life with a newborn
  • Parenting for second timers – coping with your growing family
  • Parenting for grandparents – becoming a helpful grandparent
  • Baby sleep – Safe sleeping, co-sleeping, swaddling & sleep training
  • Baby safety – sleeping, feeding, making the home safe, first aid

The early weeks and months of parenting are a minefield of information, some good, some bad and some downright ugly. We provide non-judgmental, evidence-based information on all aspects of parenting from pregnancy to pre-school to help you sort out what works for your family.

We NEVER, EVER tell you what you should do. We help you explore your options and find the path that suits you. We provide research based, not opinion based information.