Private Birth Preparation – as unique as you are

private birth preparation

Private birth preparation consultations – face-to-face.

As unique as you are, we tailor these private birth preparation sessions to client’s specific needs. Sessions usually take place at the client’s home, our private venue in Cockfosters or another venue of the client’s choice. Choose from a wide range of topics to get the exact mix of information and resources that is important for you. Whether you are hoping for a home water birth, planning a caesarean, intending to breastfeed or simply looking to cover all the options to enable informed decision making, we are here to help.

Topics you can choose from:

Late pregnancy, including the benefits of pregnancy massage

How does straightforward labour work?

How do I know when labour has started?

Does the birth environment affect labour?

How do birth hormones affect labour?

Who is present during labour and birth?

How can I help myself during labour?

How can a birth supporter help during the labour?

What pain relief options are available?

What happens during and after a caesarean birth?

How does induction of labour work?

What happens if labour isn’t straightforward?

What can I expect from my body after birth?

How might my mental health be affected?

What happens in the 1st 24 hours after birth?

How do I know my baby is OK at birth?

What are the options for feeding my baby?

How can I makes sure my baby sleeps safely?

What about practical baby care – nappies, dressing, bathing etc?

Why do babies cry and how can I soothe my baby?

What’s the fourth trimester of pregnancy?

What is it like looking after a newborn?

How do I know if my baby is thriving?

How will I recognise signs of illness in my baby?

What’s my baby trying to tell me?

How do baby’s brain’s develop?

What are the normal range of baby development milestones?

Where can I get support locally?

And anything else you might want to ask us about labour, birth and early parenting.

Bronze  package – 2 hours £110

Silver package  –  4 hours £220

Gold  package    – 6 hours £300

Create your own package – call us on 07789 928530 to discuss.

From £55 per hour (discounts available for bookings greater than 4 hours)

Private birth preparations consultations -via Skype.

As above but if you are not based in London, Hertfordshire or Essex, we can still work together via a Skype call.

£37 per hour (discounts available for bookings greater than 4 hours)

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