First Aid Barnet

Adult Basic Life support course – February 2016

“I knew going on a first aid course was a good idea, I hope never to use what I learnt but not to go and then find I needed to know what I learnt today would have been tragic.  Michelle’s course was excellent, well run, full of useful and up to date information, all our questions were answered and it was fun, something I never expected to say.  If you work from home and have clients into your home I really recommend it for peace of mind and if you just want to do it so that you have basic knowledge, you never know when you might come in so very useful.”

London baby first aid

Baby/child first aid course – January 2016

“First Aid: very informative and easy to understand course that has left me feeling more confident should the worst happen. Michelle was patient throughout and checked that we understood and practiced each procedure. I will recommend. Thanks Michelle!”

Baby sleep consultancy

Baby sleep client June-Sept 2015

“I contacted Michelle after my son’s naps took a nose dive! He was taking incredibly short naps and nothing I tried made them longer. It was clear to me that I needed help as I was starting to get frustrated and feel really low. I contacted Michelle and we straight away arranged a phone call for the next day. We spoke at length about my parenting style and my sons history and she was then able to offer some advice and suggest a few strategies to try. The next day I received an email from Michelle with our new schedule and we went from there. It was fantastic. I saw improvements almost immediately and was able to get back some me time. I have always said the best gift anyone can receive is the gift of time and Michelle gave me that! She supported me through the ups and downs and the inevitable wobbles I had along the way, but I haven’t looked back, she was fantastic and continues to be fantastic. Working with her has made a huge difference to my family life and I am forever grateful.”

KL, mum to baby Austin.

resuscitation adult basic life support

Adult Basic Life Support course client October 2015

“Very interesting, trainer very knowledgeable, answered all questions to a very high standard”.

-MW, Boys brigade volunteer in Enfield

Antenatal NCT classes

NCT antenatal course client September 2015

“Michelle has a great teaching style. the classes were fun, informative and non-judgemental. 10/10”

CG- mum of baby due in November 2015

Barnet Antenatal classes

NCT antenatal course client September 2015

“Highly recommended as we are first-time parents-to-be with (initially) no idea about labour and early parenting. Everyone says your life will change – now we know how and why!”

SB, dad to baby Gaurik, born 25th September 2015

childbirth preparation Barnet

Birth preparation client September 2015

“Michelle was our savior after a bad experience else where with a course! I felt stuck at the last minute and didn’t know where to turn. A fb group suggested her and I messaged her and she arranged quickly to meet me and my partner for individual sessions tailored for our needs!
She was ever so helpful, gave us information on all we wanted to know about … And went above and beyond what we expected!
We was ever so pleased to meet Michelle and have her help us prepare for birth and after. We both left the sessions feeling happy and prepared.

We are looking forward to seeing her for a first aid course, sleep course and also the 6 weeks phone support after the baby arrives!

Thank you so much again Michelle! We would highly recommend you to everyone.”

– MS, mum-to-be, baby due October 2015

London baby first aid

Baby/child first aid client October 2015

“The first aid class was delivered in a realistic but approachable way. We were able to practise the techniques in real time and I left feeling far more confident about using first aid techniques and what s the priority. Contextualising common scenarios with babies as really helpful!”

– RK, mum of three who attended baby first aid course

Barnet baby sleep consultancy

Baby sleep support client July 2015

“Michelle really helped us out of the sleeping problems which had developed with our daughter. Her gentle approach worked very quickly and although we still have work to do we now feel that we are on the right track. Michelle is very encouraging and non judgemental and thanks to her we are all sleeping much better!”

– HB, mum to 8 month old Molly.

Birth preparation

NCT antenatal course client March 2015

” This course was very informative with the right level of interaction as groups and individually. Michelle was a great tutor and leader and we will be lucky to have her continued support after the course finishes.”

– FH, mum to baby Laila born 15th May 2015

NCT Antenatal Courses

NCT Antenatal course client March 2015

“I would definitely recommend this course to other parents-to-be. It has provided useful information on birth and early parenthood, as well as made me more confident. It’s also a great way to meet other expectant parents.”

– AS, mum to baby Thomas born 4th May 2015